Oh, good grief.


That voice… there was no way he could ever mistake it for another, and despite the sharp edge to the young girls tone Oz found himself unable to stop himself from smiling as he looked up from the bag he had been rummaging in to take in the sight of the person before him. That strong voice, those bright, challenging eyes, that non-nonsense attitude… She didn’t seem to have changed at all~

“Alice!” he exclaimed just a little too loudly, inwardly flinching at his excess enthusiasm but taking a few steps towards her regardless, stopping before the girl with an embarrassed smile. “I’m really sorry about disappearing like that, it was all very last minute and I couldn’t find you before we left. I left a message with Miss Lacie, though,” he tugged on his hair a little as he thought of what sort of ‘punishment’ Alice could give him, then pressed his palms together in a sort of pleading manner, smiling hopefully, “Do you think maybe you could forgive me just this once?”

Her frown flickers, then softens. It really is terribly hard to stay angry at the Vessalius, no matter how moronic his smile is. Resorting instead for her usual cheeky eye roll, she folds her arms across her chest and closes her eyes, sticking her nose high in the air. No, she refuses to let that idiotic smile get to her. He’s like—some stupid little bunny rabbit, who still nuzzles you and eats your carrots even after you throw him across the wall, she thinks irritably.

"I’m sure you’re sorry. You better be,” she says loftily. “I should probably dismiss you. An honorable manservant would tell his master face-to-face that he’s vanishing, instead of leaving a message with a teacher—at least I would be able to give you a proper lashing then.” Leaving his question unanswered, she opens her eyes, only to stare suspiciously into the boy’s. “And where were you, anyway? If I didn’t spot Professor Seaweed sobbing into his porridge in his bedchamber every day of the entirety of your absence, I’d say that you and him eloped—or—something…” She shivers, making a face. “Never mind the lump—where were you? Forgiveness is out of the question—I’d like to fit the punishment to the crime.”

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Oh, good grief.

"You’re still alive, are you? Vessalius?”

Alice rolls her eyes. The idiot vanishes for weeks and weeks—she hadn’t had a physics class in all that time! Her idiotic professor was far too scarred at the loss of his long-gone love that there wasn’t a physics teacher to begin with—not that was the worst of her suffering, of course. She was without proper help for all that time, too! 

"You do know that your absence was hugely detrimental to my well-being, hmm, Vessalius? I had no one to give me meat!" She crosses her arms. "You shall be duly punished for this.”



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alksjfdjfaks sAAAAME really

i love how rps tend to stir up huge amounts of ust headcanons that were hardly even fathomed in the original canon…

and i love you and them all the same!


i seriously ponder on the concept of canon!oz meeting au academy!alice

she’d probably be all crass and rude and teasing to him (and would most likely mistake him for the oz of her universe)

and he’d be shocked that there’s even a reality where everyone is docile and happy and in a giant old boarding school and no one’s dead

and she would probably sense that something’s wrong with this oz

and then



Anonymous sent: Don't leave me here alone, Alice! Everyone's gone, they're all gone, and now I sent you away, too! Don't leave me! I love you, Alice, please! Don't go! I only wanted to save you!

For the last bloody time, who the hell is this?! Who’s gone? Who are you? And I’m not going anywhere! I don’t need saving! Is this supposed to be some moronic joke? If it is, ‘t’isn’t funny!

Anonymous sent: Oswald.Ring any bells?

ooc; aslkdfjsaf anon you do realize that this is a dual rp account for both ordinary, canon alice and the pandora academy au version, right? because it’s hard to discern which asks are for which alice. the last one i was able to do because alice died in canon, but not in the au, but i’m not sure which universe’s alice you’re asking for! i’m very sorry!

the-harmony-of-the-abyss sent: Our death?Any thoughts?

[ Swallowing the mouthful of lamb she had been eating, she wrinkles her nose. ]

Well, in all truth, I don’t really give a damn about my death. Aye, I guess I died—[ she pauses, taking a deep breath ]—but I’m here now. I might not be alive, really, but I’m here. Here! Here where I can breathe and laugh and eat as much as I please. And I dunno if I’m dead or alive, but ‘tis alright. I’m here, and that’s what matters now. I’m here, and my death doesn’t scare me a smidge!

[ She’s lying, of course. It makes her shiver. Not knowing whether she’s alive or not. It makes her scared. ]

Not a smidge.

[ But she’s Alice. The Bloody Black Rabbit. She’s Alice, and she is fearless. So her death shan’t worry her at all. ]


edit 2: yeah it’s lacie lol


edit 2: yeah it’s lacie lol